Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Tips

As we've all agreed by now, we're going to need much help and support with our buying issues. Of course, we'll gain strength and learn from each other through the months ahead. In fact, I really look forward to our journey.

So far this month, I've done pretty well with not spending. I've started a calendar where I'm writing down everything I spend. I've established a new budget and will continue to compare what I spend against that. (It seems groceries are the one category I'm having hard time sticking too thus far!)

I'm also finding ways to create new streams of income (however minor they may be). This week I made $13 by selling used CD's and DVD's I no longer wanted. I do the same with books and magazines. I also made $6 in Notary fees, as my brother-in-law had several forms he needed to have notarized.

I'm being mindful of setting my mental intentions to manifesting abundance from the Universe. Yesterday I did quite a bit of this and when I came home last night there were two decent-sized orders on my Peace Things web site :-)

Part of not spending is to establish what we really still want/need and find alternative ways to obtain them. This could be by bartering, borrowing, saving cash instead of using credit or going together with others in a time share kind of method. I've seen this last one recommended for lawn tools (snow blowers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, etc.)

I joined a new book club recently. The book we've decided to read for next month isn't available at my library, so I wrote an email to the author to ask if she'd send me a copy. I told her that if she sent an extra copy I'd donate it to our library. We'll see what happens! (Ed. note: For those of you who requested to know the title of the book, you may find it here.)

The human spirit is abundantly creative and resourceful. I look forward to hearing your stories of the amazing ways you discover how to meet your needs in new and unique ways.

In the meantime, here are two articles that may get you started thinking in that direction. Both are from Mother Earth News. Go here and here to read more.

Bye for now,



GailNHB said...

Those two articles are pretty hard core, Lisa. I have a LONG way to go to downsize and cut back in the ways they recommend. However, I am glad to be challenged to do better, to make new choices, to do my best to tread more lightly than I am now. There's still a very long way to go, but at least I'm on the road. Amen???

Amy said...

Speaking of the library and books, I am not taking Judith Levine's book with me this weekend. I put a novel on hold at the library since buying a novel is a waste of my money (I never reread them!). The book became available, so I'm taking it to the ski resort.

Think about it, though: I have two new books, and I didn't spend a penny (one was a gift card selection and the other, a library book). There's empowerment in saving $$!

LauraU said...

Lisa, I think you should post the book you are looking for. Maybe one of us (your readers) has it lying around and we could lend it to you. Think that was one of the ideas in the article.

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